August 1, 2012

Hike Review: Longs Peak via the Keyhole Route

Longs Peak from the North
2:30 AM

 Longs Peak Sunrise Glow
5.9 Miles and a 3,500 foot climb: The Boulderfield
Above the Boulderfield:  The Keyhole

After the Keyhole: The Ledges

The Keyhole Hut
Looking up at the Trough
Looking down the Trough

The Trough is a half mile climb up a steep chute of stone, boulders, and loose rock.  First impression  is sheer awe.  Everything that everyone had told me and all the pictures that I had seen of the trough did not do it justice.  Go see for yourself.

At the top of the Trough

After the Trough: The Narrows

After the trough, the daunting narrows of Longs Peak. 
After the Narrows: The Homestretch

From the Top

Looking West from Longs Peak

Chasm Lake with Longs Peak in Background
Completed: 3 PM