July 29, 2012

RMNP Over Night: North Inlet to Bear Lake

Longs Peak from Flattop Peak

I was dropped off at North Inlet Trail-head (near Lake Granby) at 13:00 and hiked 1,000 feet and 7.5 miles to North Inlet Junction Camp, where I spent the night.

En route to camp, I spotted a moose in the brush lying down chewing his cud.  Despite their size, a moose is a master of disguise.

The North Inlet Trail follows the North Inlet River for 8 miles before heading up into the high country. Along the river, there were a lot of very cool features, pools, waterfalls, and rock formations.  This is Cascade Falls:

After breaking camp and climbing above the North Inlet River looking down.

After leaving the North Inlet River, the trail climbs, 3,000 feet out of the tree line and over the Continental Divide.

Once up the Continental Divide, I hiked down the eastern side with my final destination to be Bear Lake, 10.1 miles from camp. On the way down there was an overlook of Emerald Lake with Longs Peak in the background.