June 19, 2013

Chris Dorner's Last Stand

Chris Dorner burned here
Recently, I found myself on Glass Road, crisscrossing the Santa Ana River. This wasn't a planned stop, but there it was. The burnt down cabin was fenced off. The remaining smell of embers was dull, but present. The wind faintly rustled the trees and birds sang soft. The river whispered gently making gunfire and death difficult to imagine.

On February 12, 2013, Chris Dorner was burned and died in this used to be cabin. On this day, Jeremiah MacKay was shot and killed here. The killings followed a week long man hunt for Dorner who engaged authorities in multiple running gun fights. From Irvine to San Diego to Riverside to Big Bear to here, lonely and quiet Glass Road along the Santa Ana River, Dorner led a terrific siege of cop killings on southern California. This is where it ended.
Dorner Cabin before

Dorner Cabin during