March 16, 2013

Camping: Sleep Preperation

Whether you are overnight backpacking or parking at a camp site in Yosemite, many of us dread that transition from our bed to the ground.  With some effort and proper planning, there are some steps you can take to ensure your sleep in the wild will actually be sleep and not lying awake counting the long, slow minutes until sunrise and coffee.  Sleep is necessary and how good or bad it is can greatly affect our experience.

Begin preparing four days before you are ready to embark on an overnight adventure.

  • Four days before: take your sleeping bag to bed with you and use it as a body pillow.
  • Three days before: sleep in your sleeping bag in your bed.
  • Two days before: sleep in your sleeping bag next to your bed on blankets and pillows.
  • The day before: sleep in your sleeping bag next to your bed with your camp pillow.
Although this may add some inconvenience leading up to your trip, it will reap rewards.  There is almost nothing out there that I would rather have then a good nights sleep.  Think refreshed.  Not drained.  A good sleep sets the tone for our entire day.

Including the steps noted above, when camping, ear plugs may be useful.  I have been kept awake by the slightest of sounds wondering if I was living in the minutes leading up to a bear mauling.  Usually it is the wind or a mouse.  As long as you properly store your food, there should be no worries from bears.  Ear plugs will greatly reduce this restless worry.

Sleep well my friends.