July 9, 2012

Longs Peak Preparation

From our cabin to Longs Peak Trail-head is a 30 minute drive.  The lot fills up very early.  What day should we hike?  I like Tuesday.  The hike up is 7.5 miles.  We need to be back below the tree line before afternoon storms meaning we should be at the peak by noon or turn back.  If we wake at 2:00 AM and get to the trail-head by 3:00 AM (after a big breakfast) we will be good.  That gives us nine hours, but I am sure that we can make it to the peak within 7 hours at the least.  I recently hiked a longer, steeper hike with several people who were not optimally conditioned and we peaked in five hours.  The big difference being oxygen, but if we bag a few hours on an acclimatizing hike between 12,000 and 13,000 feet plus several days at our cabin we will be better for it.  For information about Longs Peak call (970-586-1206).  Weather informationWeb cam of current conditions.  At the time I am writing this (13:45), I am seeing some pretty rough looking clouds up there.

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