July 17, 2012

Longs Peak Prep: Current Condition

I found a recent post on twitter with a picture of Jacob on top of Long's Peak:

Enjoying the view from Longs Peak Summit. Elevation 14,259 ft.

So I asked him:

sweet. much snow? crampons? what time u start? finish?

And he answered:

no snow on the path.. started at 4:30 and driving away at 3... helluva day :) 

thanks, that is what i wanted to hear, glad it went well

I informed him that I used his picture:

i am gearin up to climb longs with a group of guys, hope u dont mind but i used ur photo in my blog:

He left me with this warning:
it was a really nice hike... a bit more than I bargained for after the key hole, but a lot of fun. Glad you can use the photo

For the most current Longs Peak weather condition, CLICK HERE.